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February 21, 2010

Art Exhibition at Tetris

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Failte and Miredita,

Postcards from Ireland art exhibition launched last night in Tetris, Prishtina. Irish artists were asked to send a piece to the unofficial embassy describing Ireland to Kosovo in one image.



February 18, 2010

Embassy and the City

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Failte and Miredita,

the Unofficial Embassy is leaving the hill and heading for the big smoke this Friday evening. That’s the 19th. We’ll be running a poetry evening in Dit e Nat followed by an art exhibition in Tetris.

All’s set to begin at 8pm sharp. So if you’ve a rhyme you’d like to get off your chest, or you’d just prefer to stare and laugh, do come along and we’ll see you at Dit e Nat.

In other news, the ambassadors will be playing hurling on Mother Teresa Street this afternoon. Heads up if you’re in the area.

Their Unofficial Excellencies,

Conor and Steve

February 15, 2010

Diplomatic Incidents

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Failte and miredita,

It is with great displeasure that the embassy has fallen out with our neighbours from the US. We may have thrown a party that was so loud they thought a disco had moved in next door, but they’ve repeatedly parked their jeeps in front of our door. Things came to a nasty head yesterday evening when we were forced to make a written complaint. Said written complaint was found this morning in a bundle on the road. Our only hope is that the situation will resolve itself naturally and swiftly before we’re forced to advise economic sanctions and a general boycott of US products by embassy staff.

In other news, the embassy would like to bid a fond farewell to Sarah Davern, our lovely Irish teacher. Sarah is off to Haiti to work, and while we know there will always be a sad pocket of Kosovars who’ll never quite capture the aimsir fháistineach, we know that the Haitians need her more. Good luck Sarah!

February 11, 2010

Visa Applications

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Failte and Miredita,

the Unofficial Embassy has been inundated with requests for Irish visas, unfortunately we’re in no position to give them but rather than leave people with a sense of hopelessness, we’ve devised a form for them to fill out all the same. On completion of the form we give them a Guinness pen and a bag of shamrock seeds, courtesy of Failte Ireland. In that way, they can grow their own little piece of Ireland in a window box. All things considered it’s nearly as good. The following is an example of a ‘failed’ application. Questions 4 and 5 let this applicant down.

February 8, 2010

Breaking News in Kosovo

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February 4, 2010

Express Newspaper – Kosovo

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Failte and mirëdita,

There’ll be talk back in the parish now. Thanks to Milot Hasimja, now the official press liaison of the Unofficial Embassy.

February 2, 2010

Meet the Staff

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Mother’s Kitchen

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Failte and mirëdita,

The food committee held a Mother’s Kitchen evening last night at the Unofficial Embassy. Kosovar traditional food was served with Luke Kelly providing the ceol.

Thanks to Sharon for bringing the Barry’s.

It was decided that the dancing at the crossroads will take place at the Newborn next week and not in Dragodan afterall.


The Unofficial Embassy

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Failte and mirëdita,

Welcome to the tour of our Unofficial Embassy.


January 30, 2010

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Failte and mirëdita,

At the Embassy, when we’re not tied down with mindless bureaucracy and endless form filling, we love nothing more than to take a seat out on the balcony and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

If you’re in the Dragodan area of Prishtina and find yourself parched with an almighty thirst, please call in and say hello. We just received a new kettle yesterday so it no longer takes us twenty five minutes to boil water.

Their Unofficial Excellencies,

Steve and Conor

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